Friday, April 10, 2015

Measuring real value when buying a computer

Measuring real value when buying a computer
by Merlin Benningfield, Managing Partner - Fast Rhino, LLC

Buying a computer today is easy. The trick is to find a supplier who will provide the best overall sales value and one you can count on after the sale to help you when things don't work the way they should. And let's face it, electronics, even in this day and age, are still not perfect.

Data Transfer
Most people who are in the market for a new computer are most likely wanting to replace their old one, which may be slowing down or just isn't cutting today's technological mustard. If that's the case, finding a computer source willing to transfer your data would be a good start. This process, if done correctly, should place all your documents, photos, music, addresses and emails in their respective places on the new system. Be careful that the supplier doesn't simply copy everything to one folder and expect you to sort through and then organize all the data.

Finding a supplier who provides professional installation is another plus. Hooking up your network and installing your printer correctly are also added values that take time but can also prevent unwanted headaches. Make sure the installer is also a certified technician. There can be a number of technical issues that occur during installation such as hardware or software compatibility problems, data configurations or custom environmental settings.

In-Home Warranty
Most standard one-year warranties sound the same. If something goes wrong, you can either take it back to where you bought it or call a toll-free support line, stay on hold for a while, then have an intimate conversation with someone overseas for a few hours. We find that most people prefer an in-home warranty.

One of the hidden costs associated with buying a new computer is software. Most systems come with pre-loaded versions of anti-virus that only last 30 to 90 days. You should also consider the option of transferring your existing compatible software licenses to the new system, instead of burdening yourself with additional costs to replace these titles.

The Fast Rhino Value
At Fast Rhino, we include professional installation, data transfer, one year of anti-virus protection, and a one year in-home warranty with every new system we sell. These items are all-inclusive in the price of the system, which make the overall value something worth considering.