Thursday, June 17, 2021

Splendido Villa Audio/Video

By Merlin Benningfield
Managing Partner

As home theater technology continues to evolve, the demand for Audio/Video professionals has been growing.  Fast Rhino has had the opportunity to consult on several challenging A/V projects over the past decade.

Not all projects are as easy as they appear on the surface. Recently, we had a long-time client move into a new villa at Splendido and they needed new televisions installed. We carefully surveyed the new location and provided a comprehensive plan for installation.

The existing living room wiring was not at all conducive to a modern home theater, which needed HDMI terminated to the television, not Coax. The client wanted their cable box out of view, yet access to rerouting these cables was limited.
Fast Rhino utilized some creative cabling techniques to route existing Coax, run new HDMI and mount a new TV with sound bar to a tough masonry wall.

In addition, we mounted another bedroom TV and sound bar combination, creating a wire-free, almost floating appearance. 

If you are looking for professional results with your audio video project, simply contact Fast Rhino


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